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German right-wing politicians and locksmith friends of the enclave that Paul Schäfer sent to sign

Black for the Army, blue for the Navy, red for the Air Force and green for the Carabineros. With those colors the Germans from Colonia Dignidad signed their friends from the Armed Forces. His collaborators and civil protectors, who at the same time backed the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, did not assign them colors, but they did sign them.

“Schäfer wanted to be always informed of the people who had a relationship with him. I wanted to know everything, “says the file and philosopher Gerd Seewald in the megaprocess for the crimes of the German sect. He was the author of the chips.

“Between 1970 and 1973, a lot of right-wing people were recruited,” says Seewald, who at the age of 92 is serving an eight-year sentence since 2013 for various crimes related to the sexual abuse of minors.

Seewald arrived in Chile from Germany on July 26, 1961 with the small Central Committee that Paul Schäfer put together in that country. The deceased leader of the sect started towards Chile fugitive from justice for raping children in a religious center.

In 1968 he began to make the signing of “people who were not left.”

The main judicial statements in this regard related to the signings of persons occurred immediately after June 14, 2005, when the bulk of the nearly 45,000 tokens were seized along with an arsenal of war, chemicals and poisons, hidden under five meters of depth in three metal containers inside the German site.

According to Seewald, he is a philosopher at the University of Hamburg where he learned to “classify information” to perform intelligence work.

After the coup d’etat, Seewald concentrated on signing people “of the left and the military”. Armed two large folders: one for the “disappeared detainees” in the Colony, and one for the “freed detainees” from the gigantic farm of 17 thousand hectares, located 40 kilometers east of the southern city of Parral.

The two folders are among the first tokens seized in 2000. They would have been valuable information for the Chilean judges, but the file destroyed them. “Those chips I burned,” he told judge Jorge Zepeda, that’s why the two folders are empty.

UDI training

The head of the DINA Manuel Contreras was a friend of the Germans, but he and his family were photographed and signed. Schäfer was not worth friendships: all signed and photographed, according to Seewald.

Contreras was intimate with Schäfer. His son Manolito also and came to dictate paramilitary chairs for their hosts. Both frequently visited the premises. For that reason the ex- head of the DINA maintains that “those that before were the gremialistas and at the moment they are the cupola of the UDI, concurren to training to Colony Dignity. I do not know if the training was with weapons. ” In the process said that of those trainings he spoke with Schäfer lunch at the Family Casino de Bulnes de la Colonia, where, according to Seewald, all to enter “were photographed” by the Chilean Ricardo Alvear. Today, the former Cologne spokesman is also serving sentence with Seewald, Gerhard Mücke, Kurt Schnellenkamp and Günther Schaffrik.

Why does the judge hide this report? Ask the Human Rights organizations and the INDH itself; Although relatives of the disappeared and executed of London 38, Villa Grimaldi, José Domingo Cañas and Venda Sexy (Iran with Los Plátanos, in Ñuñoa) received in total only 407 tokens from their victims that passed through those clandestine DINA centers, What happens to the rest of those 46 thousand files? What is strikingly strange is that the director of the INDH, Lorena Fries, recently told the EFE news agency that, from the receipt of Judge Zepeda, “there are no people publicly connoted,” referring to the names of parliamentarians, political leaders, judges, military, diplomats. or public officials who have collaborated in the commission of crimes or who are part of a protection network in Colonia Dignidad.benefactors, who for almost 40 years did what they wanted under the noses of all governments.

The former DINA second, Pedro Espinoza, is also a creditor of the Seewald registry. Espinoza is the mysterious Schlosser that appears multiple times mentioned in the famous chips. The locksmith in German. The one that broke the structures of the then illegal parties and movements of the left to deliver reports to Schäfer with the names of the dangerous militants Schäfer delivered them to Seewald. See also metrolock.com.au.

“Here, tell them chips,” says Seewald, who told him when he handed him the lists.

But Espinoza said in the judicial investigation that his visits to Colonia Dignidad were “something social and familiar,” just as “Jaime Guzman and Minister Monica Madariaga attended with her secretary.”

They all also have chips. The same as Ricardo Navarro Beltrán, who worked with Madariaga in the Ministry of Justice and who, according to Seewald, gave Schäfer “secret offices” with the background of the trial that took place in Germany between the Colony and Amnesty International.

Germany resumes search for Nazi gyne-doctor believed dead

He is considered one of the worst Nazi war criminals. As chief doctor of the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria he killed hundreds of Jews in the gas chambers in 1941 and, according to witnesses, carried out painful experiments with the detainees. However, Dr. Aribert Heim was never prosecuted for those acts. Even a few years ago he was considered dead and the investigation was stopped against him. But a few weeks ago everything changed. This, because new evidence appeared that pose that Heim could be alive.

The suspicions are mainly based on the finding of a bank account in Berlin with 1 million euros ($ 1.3 million), which has not been claimed by any of his three children. They have not submitted any Heim death certificate to allow them access to the money. That is why German prosecutors and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the main organization dedicated to Nazi persecution, believe the doctor – who would be 91 – lives and is hidden somewhere in the world. The main tracks are Spain, Uruguay and Egypt.

“Heim tops the list of Nazi war criminals we seek,” a spokesman for the Stuttgart prosecutor’s office told The Guardian. “We have no evidence that he is dead under his real name or under a false name, so we think he is still alive,” added the prosecutor, who offers a reward of 150,000 euros to those who give useful information about his whereabouts. Further, Was handed a computer-manipulated photograph that suggests what the current appearance of the Nazi doctor would be and the police assigned a special team to follow his trail.

The whereabouts of Heim – who integrated the SS – has not been known since 1962, when his true role in World War II was revealed. The physician, who is compared to Joseph Mengele, the famous “angel of death”, worked in the concentration camp at Mauthausen in 1941. During his passage there he became known for his cruelty. Not only did he send hundreds of Jews to the gas chambers, but some survivors say he used prisoners’ skin to make lamps and kept the heads of his most attractive victims in formaldehyde.

Forty years hidden

The role of Heim during the war was only known in the early 60’s. This was because, after his passage through Mauthausen, he worked as a doctor of a battalion of the German Army, which would have allowed him to hide his past. Even though he was arrested by Allied troops in 1947, he was released two years later and began working as a gynecologist in the German city of Bad Nauheim. There it led a normal life until in 1962 the German justice issued a warrant of arrest against him. Since then, his whereabouts are unknown.

In recent decades, there have been clues about Heim’s whereabouts in several countries, such as Uruguay and Egypt. However, the most serious information has come from Spain. At the beginning of the decade of the 90 made sure that Heim lived in Alicante and today the suspicions are directed toward the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, the police team that follows his trail would have recently gone to the town of Figueral, on that island to investigate an alleged colony of ex-Nazis who would have settled there. For more details please visit http://midatlanticobgyn.com

A survey says that more war books are read in Argentina than in Germany and France

According to a survey of the German consulting firm GFK conducted in 17 countries in the country there are more people who say read “all or most days”.

An international study of the German consulting firm GFK conducted online in 17 countries says that the percentage of people who said to read “all or most days” in Argentina is greater than in countries like Germany or France.

According to the global results, based on different population percentages – in Argentina, 1,007 were compared, while in the United States 1,536, for example -, our country has more individuals who read books daily (26%) than Belgium (19%), Japan (20%), the Netherlands (22%) or Germany (25%), but less than the United Kingdom (32%), Russia (29%), Canada (29%) or Spain (32%).

In general, the survey conducted in 2016 to 22,000 Internet users over 15 years indicated that in the 17 countries consulted, 30% said they read books all or most days, Being China the geography that more readers of books daily has, with a 36%.

Of the population of these countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States) Never read a book, 29% did it at least once a week, 17% once more a month and 18% infrequently.

The online surveys for money, which is available on GFK’s website, also shows that the countries with the lowest daily readership rates are the Netherlands and South Korea. In the Latin American region, the results showed similar trends: in Mexico, 20% reported reading every day, while in Brazil and Argentina the percentage reached 26%.

The report also investigated the relationship between reading frequency and monetary income, with the result that higher income groups read more regularly than low income groups. And as for the genres, the global scheme indicated that women are more book readers than men.

Progress on water rights reform and military service law

This Tuesday, the constitutional reform that elevates Delta 9178 AR DST  water as a fundamental right, and the law that makes changes to military service, advanced in its legislative process in Congress.

In that sense, the plenary of the Chamber gave a second debate on the draft law amending Act 48 of 1993, in order to determine a new mechanism for the definition of the military situation in the country.

The representative to the Chamber and author of the same, Efraín Torres, indicated that the excessive collection of the military book is finished and a ceiling of 13 million pesos is put to him. “With this important modification, we end up with the corruption of the intermediaries who manage in an irregular way the military passbooks. It is put a maximum limit of 13 million pesos and it is added that for people of scarce resources, it would have a cost of 275 thousand pesos, “Torres said.

Torres also explained that one of the main incentives is for those who wish to provide military service, as they will earn a salary of 30% of the minimum wage, “is an important step in defining the military situation of thousands of young people Which today continue to be lazy. Under the parameters of the defense ministry we seek incentives also for those who want to provide military service, but we also want to end the beatings and establish the clear procedure for those who consider presenting a conscientious objection.

On the other hand the plenary of the Senate voted in the sixth debate the legislative act by means of which declares water as a fundamental right.

Senator Claudia López, one of its authors, said that the project aims to protect the right to water, giving priority to the use of human consumption and the ecological function, so that the State guarantees that water ecosystems are taken care of and recovered, Such as páramos and basins.

He indicated that if the text were amended, the right to water could be claimed with guardianship. Reform to be a reality must have its next two debates in the Senate before the end of regular sessions, on December 16.

Is it advisable to study German and English at the same time?

Commonly, many people studying German and English at the same time are embroiled in the same circumstances; confused words in English with German , como aprender ingles online and vice versa. This is logical, because both are languages of Germanic origin; it can happen to many people because no vocabulary in both languages that closely resembles and others however they do not look anything.

For example, in German television to say, we say Fernsehen , something counterintuitive when we are used to “sun” (sun) is said “sonne” , or “last” (last) said “letze” . Consequently, it is very easy that if you study two languages at once you’re done confusing. Does that mean you should not be studied at the same time? Let’s see.

Studying German and English at once: recommendations

There is a basic principle in the world of language learning , which is defined by the following: our memory is limited, so if you add new knowledge, some of the others that you no longer use both will go forgetting. That is, if you learn much German and begin to fumble with the German and stop using English for a long time, do not be surprised that you end up forgetting some vocabulary words.

This has much to do with time management when studying several languages at once , as explained above ; in fact there are people studying several languages at once and then is able to say a few things in each. The miracle is not so much see a person speaking in 15 languages in 3 minutes, but see how many of those languages would be agreed within 10 years.

Therefore, what we must do if we study German and English at the same time? Our recommendation is that you focus on one to have an advanced level. Preferably, start with the English, but everything will depend on your circumstances. In any case, listen much English or German a lot until you have soaked the language well, preferably making a language holiday in a country where that is the mother tongue.

In short, not enough to study languages, we must deepen them so you will not forget soon; one of our German students may feel tempted to use English in Germany when he does not get a word. It can certainly be a good joker, but to learn another language, you must try to make an effort and say it with words you know.

Note that many of the people who speak several languages make mistakes very often, but at least they are able to speak them ! They make themselves understood, which is the first step to take to communicate with people. So do not worry if you leave words in German speaking English, or vice versa. It is normal in the world, even among bilinguals.

Practice both and tries to deepen them slowly until you feel more comfortable with both languages, without pulling the other one goes. Do you Metes English words when you speak German and vice versa?

If you’re bored flying, you will want to do in these seats

Aisle seat, window or upper deck with 360 degree panoramic view? I do not know about you, but I would clear.

Precisely, the new Skydeck will be a success . The most demanded and desired seat on any plane that you have installed.

Skydeck is a beautiful glass bubble teardrop, which can be installed on the upper deck of most commercial and private aircraft.

Inside, two passengers sitting in comfy leather seats and quality materials, who will enjoy flying while enjoying a panoramic view of the sky. For leather and upholstery, check  londoncleanltd.co.uk/upholstery-cleaning.html.


The team of engineers and designers of the company Windspeed Technologies, makers of the patented invention, ensure that the Skydesk can be installed on most commercial and private aircraft.


Teardrop ultra resistant glass is installed, similar to those used in supersonic fighter jets.


Depending on the type of aircraft and the client’s budget, the company offers two options: a simple staircase leading to the seats, or a futuristic riser.


Its price will not be cheap though, if you have money to have a private jet, why not pay for this extra? Between 8 and 25 million, depending on the structure of the aircraft which is to be installed.

The rest of us we keep traveling in economy class, or wait airlines install it . At the end of the day , they would not miss buyers interested in purchasing these seats  to enjoy the breathtaking views.


The total waiting time to enjoy it will be 18 months upon request , and only need to

dispense with the plane for 3 months.

First a study of the aircraft and the fuselage would be made. Once approved, two months it would take to install the tear, the seats, the elevator and electrical connections.

After completing the trabajaos, a pilot prove the safety of the aircraft for two full weeks.

All this in theory, because the moment Skydesk is just a patent. Currently the company is waiting to obtain certification from the FAA to begin testing.

Hopefully soon become a reality because, as you will see Jan le video, has a great pint.

Top 10 movies of all time aircraft

10. Flight ( Flight )

Denzel Washington has been nominated for an Oscar as best actor for this film with his portrayal of a pilot who must face his demons . Because after avoiding the aircraft piloting crashes, research reveals things somewhat suspicious.

9. Die Hard 2 ( Die Hard 2 )

Our hard to peel favorite hero, John McClane (Bruce Willis), is waiting for his wife at theairport in Washington when terrorists take control of the air traffic system. Little is expected McClane were walking around, so that shoots out to stop the bad guys and save the day .Although not as good as the first of the series, as far as movies aircraft refers itself that deserves a mention.

8. Up in the Air

George Clooney is a businessman who continually flies all over the United States to give bad news to workers who have to fire. One day, he meets his female version and the love story emerges. With a star cast, the film explores themes such as loneliness and detachment, but also has intelligent comedy points.

7. Air Force One

When a Soviet terrorists hijack Air Force One , the President (played by Harrison Ford) has to save the furniture and finish with Gary Oldman, who is the bad guy. Bill Clinton said many elements of the plane did not correspond to real life. However, that did not stop Air Force One was nominated for two Oscars at the Academy.

6. Top Gun

With Tom Cruise starring in the role of pilot male combat , this classic 80 ‘s still a crowd favorite. The adventures of Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and his colleague Nick “Goose” Bradshaw during his training at the school of elite pilots Weapons School. The film combines a love story with a tragedy and (then) very impressive dogfights. All the ingredients for a good American film.

5. Planes, Trains & Automobiles ( Planes accompanied )

This classic comedy together on the screen to Steve Martin (an advertising executive rather nervous) with John Candy (a seller of curtains largemouth and unbearable bath) in his attempt to go from New York to Chicago and arrive in time for the celebration of Action thanks. It is a humorous film that holds up well over time; the eventful journey of these passengers is still very fun.

4. The Terminal ( The Terminal )

Tom Hanks is a prisoner in the airport terminal : can not return to their home country Krakozhia because of the civil war, but neither can leave the terminal and stay in America because it has no visa. Inspired by the true story of an Iranian refugee who lived 18 years in the Charles de Gaulle airport , it is a touching and funny story about how a man gets to your home airport.

3. Flight of the Phoenix ( The Flight of the Phoenix )

Based on a 1964 novel, this film is a remake of which was made in 1965 with Dennis Quaid and Kirk Jones protagonists. The film tells the plane crash that a group of rabble suffers in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia . Together they build a new plane with the remains of the other and end up flying back to civilization (though not all come alive).

2. Con Air ( Con Air )

Nicolas Cage plays a former US soldier who is about to receive parole for good behavior in prison. But to get home you have to ship a flight full of psychopathic murderers who hijack the plane under the command of their leader, Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom. This film high – flying follow Cage as he struggles to impose justice, crash the plane and save his own skin in the process.

1. Airplane! ( Airplane! )

This disaster film / parody is still worshiped even 30 years after achieving success on the screens . With Leslie Nielsen protagonist, this absurdly funny film follows a traumatized combat expiloto should try to fly the plane after most of the crew and passengers are victims of food poisoning. And all to win the love of a stewardess.

What are your favorite movies on airplanes?  You can  Watch Movies Online here movie4k. For now, here are a few more candidates:

Catch me if you can ( catch me if you can ) – Toms Hanks is an FBI agent chasing a fake pilot, Leonardo di Caprio.

The Aviator ( The Aviator ) – Leo Di Caprio again in a flight – related role, playing the crazy Howard Hughes aviation.

Executive Decision ( Executive Decision ) – Before Air Force One is made.

Passenger 57 ( Passenger 57 ) – Wesley Snipes, pistols, etc.

Airport ( Airport ) – probably served as inspiration for Airplane , with Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin protagonists.

Memphis Belle – Matthew Modine, Eric Stoltz, need I say more?

The system that blocked the way to the cockpit of the plane crash in the Alps

These tight security measures were implemented especially since the September 11 attacks. Watch the video

“The cockpit is equipped with a reinforced door,” spokespeople confirmed Germanwings (Lufthansa subsidiary), the company that owns the A320 that crashed in the French Alps. “There is a video surveillance system in front of the door, which identifies from the cockpit who wants to enter. Only a pilot inside the cockpit you can unlock the door.”

According to an industrial sector, the principle of inviolability of the door of the cockpit or applied, which is, to get into it the pilot in command must authorize its opening.

These measures were adopted “the day after the September 11”, 2001, at the request of the air authorities to prevent anyone from entering by force or under threat of weapons.

“The systems are different depending on the aircraft and airlines to not have a standard rule and prevent potential terrorists know how it works in one or another company or in one or the other type of aircraft,” said the industrialist who requested anonymity.

According to this source, there is a different secret code according to the companies for actuating a buzzer in the cockpit to ask for the opening of the door.

If the pilot inside the cockpit does not react, the door automatically unlocks after one minute.

But you can prohibit access to the cab driver last this time if the pilot in command of the apparatus estimates a danger. A video system allows you to see what is happening behind the door.

The pilot or copilot who stays inside “it has a switch that can refuse access to the flight deck”, “with a completely preventive objective of an unlawful act”, told French radio Daphné Desrosiers, who flies Boeing 737.

A second confidential emergency code can trigger another alarm in the cockpit, but if the pilot is inside does nothing, it would not be possible to enter, says the industry.

“The systems will vary and can be customized” according to the will of the companies, he added.

Lufthansa, Germanwings parent company confirms that the opening of the door of the cabin depends on a code and lock can only “authorized” from the inside “by pressing a button.”

Germanwings spokesmen refused to specify the procedures followed by the company.

A computer virus affects UAV fleet of US Air Force

Control systems Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) of the US Air Force (USAF) have been affected by a computer virus. Although no damage occurred alterations in the control of aircraft, it has opened in the country a debate on the security of systems.

According to an article in the magazine WP Malware Removal, the virus was detected in the host system security airbase Creech, Nevada, where operators remotely controlled the missions of the UAV Predator and Reaper in conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The article adds that computer security specialists have not been able to determine yet if it has been a targeted attack or if the virus was introduced into the system accidentally. It is further noted that the malware proved resilient and dodged repeated efforts to eliminate it , so we had to erase the hard drive of the system.

Although the virus did not prevent operators could control the aircraft and signals its sensors, it is possible that the information was relayed to any other site through the same link system satellite data used to control UAVs .

This security failure has caused a number of questions regarding the use of unmanned aircraft operational control of these -Able vehicles to transport bombs and misiles- and security of the information they collect.

US publication indicates that in 2009 recorded video from UAVs, s were found in the laptop of Iraqi insurgents. He explains that the Reaper and the Predator do not encode the signals before sending them to the troops on the ground, so they can be intercepted with commercially available equipment.

The USAF made no comment about the event. “Overall not talk about specific vulnerabilities or threats to our computer networks, since this information can help those who seek to attack our system,” said Lt. Col. Tadd Sholtis, spokesman for the Cyber Security Portal.

US blocks the project of repairing a Honduran military aircraft F-5

There is legislation in the United States that prohibits any country that you have purchased and received in donation aircraft that country takes its territory without its approval.

According to a US law donated aircraft can not leave the country without permission.

According to a US law donated aircraft can not leave the country without permission.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Repair of aircraft F-5 of the Honduran Air Force ( FAH ) has been blocked by the United States , by preventing the devices leave the national territory for repowering, according to the specialized site Auto Repair Florence SC.

“Although in circles Honduran ensured that Israeli technicians were already assisting in the recovery of the F-5 E, in recent days has detailed that this activity has been banned by the United States , ” says the website, without citing a fountain.

The restoration of engines and replacement of some instruments was part of the process of repair, but remodeling would also have to include a “training and complete modernization of the ships”, which would be done in appropriate overseas facilities “where they could adaptársele and even replace, the fuselage parts and systems. ”

But the website says that this operation can not be performed because “we must remember that the F-5E and its instruments can not leave the country, nor the A-37B or C-130. Doing the US export laws and obligations acquired in the delivery of equipment they would be violated.

Remodeling supersonic aircraft it would be executed by Taiwan. The United States has expressed its disagreement with the approval of the Heaven Protection Act that allows the shooting down suspected drug planes to enter the country .

As a rejection of this law, the United States suspended two months ago the radar that provided aid to Honduras for detecting narcoavionetas.

The F-5 FAH were replaced in the 80s by the United States to the arms race of Nicaragua. United States needed a country to impose a balance and counteract operations spread of communism in the region.

In the first instance, Honduras had requested the purchase of 12 F-5E, but the United States refused to deliver them, so Israel Honduras contracted with the acquisition of 12 aircraft Kfirs 125 million.

Contract to which he opposed the United States , as the Kfir use GE J-79 engine, which need approval export, according to the website defensa.com .

But with the possibility that Nicaragua counted on planes MIG-21, the US Congress would approve the Plan Bonito, which supplied 10 F-5E and 2 F-5F, at a cost of 75 million dollars made in the program Military assistance.

So it was the State Department made the donation of the F5, which departed from Kelly Air Force Base between June 1987 and January 1989, bearing the numerals 4001 and 4002 (F5F), and 4003-4012.

The F-5E should replace the Super Mystere B.2 of the FAH, which had been modified in Israel with US engines, 8 of them had been renewed in the same United States before delivery of the F5, recalls the portal.

As Taiwan looked unable to make the repair of aircraft, Brazil would have had intentions to take over this work, but “again, to restore F5 in Brazil, the endorsement of the need United States , and remember Brazil did not build the F5, so the parts must come from elsewhere.

In addition, new notes reveal that actually lacks appropriate in the country for repairs of machinery installations, and they should leave for their restoration. ”

So, Brazil only seems to have promised technical assistance and specific material in the installation of a simulator and recovery of the A / T-27.

Brazil’s ambassador, Zenic Kractschuk, announced last April that his country would donate $ 2.5 million to Honduras (about 50 million lempiras) for the repair of 21 aircraft, among them some Tucano and the F-5.

At least two F-5E were “observed” in Valparaiso, Chile, in the mid-90s, and it is suspected that these were “retained” by the Air Force of Chile and since then only speaks of FAH only has available 9 these ships, says the portal.

Honduras had sent between 2001 and 2005 engines of the F-5, A-37B, C-130 (Hercules) and (helicopter) UH-1H to Chile, which generated some “legal problems”. These legal impasses were “possibly slighted by theUnited States on the basis that  Honduras was an ally in the war on drugs.”

No obstacles

Retired General Roberto Mendoza Garay, who led the negotiations for the donation of the F-5, said the agreement has no restriction that the aircraft out when it comes to make repairs.

“The only restriction that exists is whether you plan to sell an aircraft of the F-5 because the United States prevents the aircraft technology that makes it known to other nations, but if it comes to repairs must be obstacles not,” he said.

Exemplified removing the limitation ships Honduras is for nations like Cuba or Russia know the kind of technological advance which have the devices.

US Embassy evades questions

US embassy sidestepped answer a series of questions that were asked on the Prohibition of Honduras that nation to remove the F-5 aircraft repair.

A press office of the US embassy were sent six questions related to the subject, but only as responses sent two paragraphs that do not correspond to the questions.

The US embassy said that “we are not informed of pending export licensing procedures for the Government of the United States may sell or transfer parts to repair or restore F-5 jets owned by Honduras .

“And in another paragraph they referred that” the State Department has no record of having received official requests from foreign governments related to the review of applications to transfer parts or aircraft to Honduras “.

Help Veterans with Hypnosis

In the years of using hypnosis in working with war veterans I have been told by veterans themselves that my work has helped heal the physical and emotional scars much better than traditional counseling, cognitive therapies war, and pharmaceutical drugs combined. In this article I will describe some of the unique strategies properly trained hypnotherapists be used in combination with medical treatment to help veterans in trouble for their memories and their injuries.

There are five ways in which war veterans I have met are worried about their experiences during the war.Each requires a unique set of skills of the therapist.These include:

The body pain of war injuries can persist long after the medical team has done everything possible.Phantom limb pain in amputees of is just one of many examples of the physical remains of the pain that may continue for years after injury.

The terror of wartime experiences can be locked in the subconscious mind and manifest as nightmares, night terrors, excessive startle reactions, physical pain and tension, generalized anxiety, relationship problems and serious phobic reactions.

The blame for the things you did in wartime haunts the survivors of all wars. This fault is particularly serious in every case I’ve seen of the Vietnam War because of the moral ambiguity of that conflict. A similar moral ambiguity is now surfacing in Iraq as a result of the mismanagement of the US conflict.This fault is often accompanied by unresolved anger against the military officers who gave the orders and political leaders who created these conflicts.

Physical illnesses caused by exposure to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are important for veterans of modern warfare problem. The United States remains the largest promulgator of weapons of mass destruction in the world. For example, hundreds of square miles of Iraq are contaminated by radioactive uranium dust 238, brought in tanks, bullets and artillery. In Vietnam, thousands of square miles were contaminated by Agent Orange, a powerful herbicide and deadly poison. Most veterans were in the middle of these activities, and therefore, like the native populations, will pay all their lives with chronic diseases caused by these agents of mass destruction.

Drug and alcohol addiction. Because of all the pain, physical and emotional, suffered by veterans, drug and alcohol addiction are a major epidemic among veterans of the United States.

Now let’s see how hypnotherapy can help with each of these issues.

Body Ache

The injuries that occur in wartime are not very different, physically, from injuries caused by a car accident or other accident. Hypnotic movement has proven to be a powerful complement to medical treatment in the treatment of long-term effects of this type of injury. By reliving the incident in the body, and allowing the body to move his unique trance way, we find that the body is able to release much of the rest of trauma, including chronic pain, stiffness and tenderness. Walking and other physical movements become much easier as we learn from our subconscious wisdom how to hold and move our bodies in new ways.


For relief of terror stored in the body, hypnotic technique rescue mission is the most powerful ever seen. Usually it applied to the memory of childhood. The concept is simple but powerful. We entered traumatic childhood memory of the client in the highly suggestible state of hypnosis, carrying with us the strength, wisdom and compassion of himself adult client and therapist. We encourage the adult client to use your voice and your body to stop abusers hurt this child. This helps to release emotions, including terrorism, which are stored in the body surrounding this incident. Then the client raises the child in her arms, with a stuffed animal to represent this child physically, and tearfully promises to save the child and protect him from any further damage. This helps implant in the body deep feelings of security and be loved.


Toxic weapons.

The use of weapons of mass destruction in the war did not begin in the 20th century The march of Sherman in Georgia, sieges in which hunger and fire arrows were used as weapons of war, indiscriminate looting and destruction of monasteries by Viking marauders are all examples of the horrors of war universal among the civilian population. But it seems that the modern military strategies destruction of entire landscapes and poisoning the earth itself for thousands of years is a unique feature of modern warfare. And the US soldiers, who deal with chemicals such destruction, paid a terrible price for its share, a price the US military is reluctant to acknowledge.

The elimination of these deadly toxins body is primarily a challenge to medical science.Hypnotherapy can help as an adjunct to medical treatment by introducing somatic healing methods to help with the elimination of these poisons from the body.

Drug and alcohol addiction.

If you are a veteran who has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, I have to not tell you about the terrible consequences this has had for you and your family. Nor do I need to tell you how hard these addictions are to heal when the physical and emotional pain from these traumas of war are clamoring for some kind of relief. Fortunately, hypnotherapy has shown courage to break bad habits like smoking and overeating. This is due to the emotional sources of these habits are in the subconscious mind. However, I am reluctant to recommend hypnotherapy to serious addictions substance abuse among veterans unless they can find a therapist who is familiar with the many unique challenges faced by veterans during their recovery efforts. Our Institute specializes in addiction recovery based on a radical new approach in which we discover and clear the underlying emotional causes of addiction and hellip; including traumas of war. The articles that explain my unique approach to addiction can be found on our web library http://www.nlpcoaching.com.au/hypnosis-training/

The challenges facing veterans today’s so – called war against terrorism are enormous, as they were for the survivors of the Vietnam War. But I think that is one of the great shames of that war veterans have committed suicide after the war who died in the conflict! I am ready to join with leaders of US Veterans Administration to try to prevent this from happening to the brave soldiers fighting for us in Afghanistan, Iraq, and God knows where else. If you know a vet who needs help, do not wait. Tell them to seek help now. Because we know that these feelings, these diseases, these horrors, do not disappear without help. Visit our website www.nlpcoaching.com.au, and we can start bringing that assistance.

7 great films about pilot

the flight

For many fans of the Super-8 recordings (tape recording), he has had a great significance by filmmakers approaching our passion to the big screen with what really unites us; aviation.

First of all, while it is true that there are many films talk about the 100% we focus on the content of aviation as such . We then go to 7 must – see films aviation pilot must see. You can watch movies online free on http://movie4k.biz

1. The Spirit of St. Louis (1957)

Developed after the feat of pilot Charles A. Lindbergh, who with his plane “The Spirit of St. Louis” was the first pilot to fly from New York to Paris in a single journey.


It is impossible not to pause between the first approach of film and aviation (commercially speaking), thus we speak of “TOPGUN”, where everything pilot saw and / or heard the famous song “danger zone” or “take my breathe away” that certainly in 1986 they lit the concern of becoming a pilot.

3. Memphis Belle (1990)

The classic logo stamped on plane corresponds to a woman mythical bomber B-17 World War II, which made history by being the first to complete 25 missions. The film focuses on the twenty-fifth mission where your goal is to bombard the city of Bremen (Germany).

4. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Definitely not worth a description, where it is categorized as “air Titanic” for their 183 minutes of tape.

5. “Les chaveliers du ciel” (2005)

After four years he reached the “Knights of the Sky” screen, with its Dassault Mirage 2000 French Air Army (Armée de l’air) and high quality aerial shots really appreciated. How impressive is that the aerial shots have very few special effects; thus giving a greater sense of realism and closeness to the viewer.


6. Amelia (2009)

Amelia Mary Earth, female pilot pioneer to make a solo flight across the Atlantic, made ​​a flight around the world in 1937 on his plane Lockheed Electra 10E, but after trying to get your personal challenge disappeared in the Pacific Ocean (near Howland island).

7. “The Flight” (2012)

I developed greatly based on events that occurred on 31 January 2000, operated by Alaska Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 from Puerto Vallarta (MX) to Seattle (US), with a stopover in San Francisco (US). Enroute they suffer a major problem as is the loss of control of the aircraft, a result of ” insufficient lubrication excessive wear and elevator assembly” after this s and produces an uncontrolled descent to the sea; all aircraft occupants die.

This film takes place on a flight from Orlando operated by SouthJet bound Atlanta, where fortunately gets out of the favorable condition for a catastrophic event. The CPT inverts the aircraft thus saving 96 of 102 people after a forced landing in a field near a church.

Wish you all enjoy these movies, and do not forget that you can find all of them on putlocker.

How to have fun on a plane

Very long flights, and even those who are not so long can be very boring. Taking a nap is an option, until you wake up and there are still 3 hours of flight and you have nothing to do. Here you have several ways to have fun without disturbing anyone.


  1. Read. Reading is always a good choice; carrying at least two books, depending on the length of the flight. Brings easy and fun to read books. What is not recommended is to bring books about air disasters or kidnappings, for obvious reasons.
  2. Listen to music. Take your iPod / MP3 player. You can always do a lot with them, and you can buy songs on iTunes before the trip or you can get them for free from dj hire melbourne . All electronic devices must be turned off during takeoff and landing for safety and to keep you alert. On the flight you can have cell phones in “airplane mode” – if you do not have this option in your phone, turn it off.
  3. Watch a movie. The movies are good choice, as they have quite long and often enjoy.
  4. Enjoy a game. This helps you kill a long time. You could play on your iPod while listening to music. Or you could take a PSP or DS, just make sure the wireless function is off.
  5. Listen to audio books. These are also available and it takes a while consumed .Just sit back , relax and listen.
  6. Socialize. Talk to the person sitting next to you. Sometimes you’ll meet great people, of the same country or from different cultures.
  7. Solve sudoku. Make the most difficult. Time flies as you try to solve them .
  8. You can knit. A great opportunity to finish your projects you never did at home.
  9. Write. Start an autobiography of yourself, or start a journal. You could also write a poem about the feelings it evokes the look out the airplane window.
  10. Look out the window. See the scenery at 30,000 feet can be fascinating.Enjoy the different colors and textures, valleys and mountains, structures and roads.
  11. Sleep. Some can not and others do. If you want to sleep, try to get a window seat. That way you can rest your head in the window. It is easier to sleep in first class, but if you’re in economy class, sleeping in the small pillow they give you.
  12. If it is a long journey they may have a screen for each person, so use it and watching movies you always wanted to see.
  13. Have a friend to talk to you. You can do many things together.
  14. Take pictures. You can enjoy hours taking pictures of the Sahara, the Caribbean, clouds or sunset.


  • Your flight can rent portable TVs with a variety of films, videos and television series.
  • Flight magazines are full of advertising and occasionally find a good article.
  • Do not try to talk to someone who looks you do not want to talk to you. Do not push if that is the case.
  • You might not realize it, but the engine noise of an airplane is very tiring, and interferes with your music. Consider buy headphones to minimize noise.
  • Most modern phones have MP3 and can play videos. You can easily put a movie or series on your cell to see it during the flight.
  • Do not take things that may break or are too heavy.
  • If you carry an iPod, make sure the battery is charged quickly because if you end up watching videos or playing.


  • Do not use cell phones. Even when there is no reason not to use them but not to disturb passengers, you probably want to not break the rules. You can use your phone if you put it in airplane mode.
  • Do not talk about guns, knives, gangs, bombs, terrorism, or anything else that has to do with violence. There may be people with suspicion, and you will beescorted off the plane. Especially after the 9/11 incident.
  • If you weave, you may knitting needles not allow the plane

YouTube: Kilman pilot maneuver to achieve landing ‘impossible’

The video was shared on YouTube and has more than 7,100 thousand playbacks and help its owner purchase cheap youtube subscriber.

An airplane of Aerolineas Argentinas made ​​a dangerous maneuver landing at the international airport of Ushuaia, this was due to the crosswind.

The maneuver was filmed and has quickly become the  “aeronautics star” YouTube.
The images were recorded on Wednesday August 5th.

As reported by Clarin, air terminal Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas is ready to welcome large aircraft. It was opened in 1955 and has a great track extension, however, apparently the weather conditions are not the best.

Pilots often perform with great skill, a demanding approach on a short track that does not allow mistakes. In addition , the track is surrounded by the waters of the Beagle Channel that works in practice as a virtual aircraft carrier.

As you can see on YouTube, the plane begins to descend and presents strange movements in the air product crosswind . A clever maneuver pilots made ​​the whole process develops normally.

The person who recorded the YouTube clip also held when the aircraft finally located toward the runway.

The video was shared on YouTube, where so far garnered more than 7.1 million copies and is one of the most watched in Argentina.

US launches a study on mental and emotional health of pilots

The Federal Aviation Agency handles an assessment of the current system in six months after the tragedy of Germanwings

US federal aviation authority (FAA) and private training gyms NYC have established a committee with the airline industry and medical communities to carry out a study of mental and emotional health of US commercial pilots. That research has been recommended by the Group for the Safety of Commercial Aviation (CAST ALARA, where the industry isalso involved) “based on recent accidents flying Malaysia Airlines MH370 and Flight 9525 Germanwings ” , according to the statement released today by the FAA.

In the accident in the Alps, authorities assume that was the co – pilot Andreas Lubitz (who had suffered at least one episode of major depression) who crashed the plane while flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf with 149 other people on board on 24 March. Flight Malaysia Airlines that disappeared with 239 people on board on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing there is still no sign, but it is suspected that someone (probably one of the pilots) disconnected communication systems and the plane changed course. Continues underwater search in the southern Indian Ocean. Already have combed some 48,000 square kilometers of the 60,000 occupying the area where it is considered more likely to fall to the sea but the Malay, Chinese and Australian authorities have already agreed to extend the area search 60,000 square kilometers.

These two events have led to the federal authority to create a committee that will make recommendations to the FAA in six months, with the participation of US and international experts from both the governmental level and industry, and in which a group include work of professionals specializing in aerospace medicine.

The committee will examine the awareness and communication issues related to mental and emotional health of pilots, methods for evaluating and barriers to declare those problems. According to a survey conducted by the Aviation Medicine Advisory Service, approximately 15% of drivers who were prescribed antidepressants “showed the intention of taking medication and continue flying without informing” the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Another study on post mortem toxicological analysis in 4,143 pilots psychotropic medication found in 223 cases but only 14 had informed the authorities that were taking.

The FAA notes that the pilots and pass medical examinations every six or 12 months depending on the age, but based on the recommendations of the committee might consider changing “methods, aircraft design, policies and procedures, training and testing of pilots , training of medical examiners , “among others. Currently, only one out of every 100 applicants for a medical certificate to fly is denied in the US for various reasons.

Air Force Diet

Air Force Diet

It was designed for pilots of the Air Force achieve maintained at a certain weight. It is mainly characterized by being very strict and its low caloric intake.

The beauty of this diet is the name, since they all know the United States Armed Forces, and immediately comes to mind the image of a strong, thin person. But low calorie diets are effective if looking to lose weight, but it is not advisable to follow them for a long time. Some people have managed to lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) per week.

What does it consist of?

It is based on a specific menu 7 days reduced in carbohydrates, which can be repeated for 2 weeks continuously. There are a few different versions, but the essence is the same: some follow for 3 days and rest 4, to return to repeat the cycle.

Day 1 – Breakfast: coffee with artificial sweetener. Lunch: 2 eggs and 1 tomato. Dinner: 200 grams of lean red meat and plenty of green salad
Day 2 – Breakfast: coffee, supplement intelimaxiq, baked 1 toasted corn. Lunch: 200 grams of red meat and hearty green salad. Dinner: 150 g turkey ham, 1 cup plain yogurt
Day 3 – Breakfast: coffee and baked 1 toasted corn. Lunch: green salad, 1 tomato, 1 orange. Dinner: 100 g turkey ham, 1 cup carrots
Day 4 – Breakfast: coffee, baked 1 toasted corn. Lunch: 150 grams of low fat cheese, 1 egg, 1 carrot. Dinner: fruit salad and 1 Natural yogurt
Day 5 – Breakfast: 150 grams of ham, 1 cup carrots. Lunch: 200 grams of grilled fish, 1 tomato. Dinner: 200 grams of red meat
Day 6 – Breakfast: coffee, toast or water biscuits. Lunch: baked chicken ¼ 1 citrus. Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 cup carrots
Day 7 – Breakfast: coffee, toast. Lunch: 200 grams of red meat, citrus. Dinner: a moderate serving of any food to taste, not to exceed 500 calories.

It is a diet low in saturated fat, which promotes cardiovascular health
It is high in fiber because many vegetables are consumed
It is accessible in cost and practicality.

It is not balanced, because it has a chord with daily nutritional recommendations percentage. So you can not stay for many days
It does not promote changes in eating habits that advise the US dietary guidelines
It must be supervised by a specialist
A low carbohydrate intake can cause moodiness and headaches, among other symptoms and side effects.
This type of low carbohydrate diets should be done under supervision of experts and non efectuarla if the current health status is unknown.